I always liked to create …. draw, doodle, write, color, paint, build, make things out of sticks, rocks, sand, mud, tinker toys, spare parts, and anything I could get my hands on. In my early 20’s I started taking art classes at a small community college in Lansing, Michigan and was exposed to the most incredible group of teachers I’ve known.

I drew and painted and built stuff with wild abandon! I displayed my art, took part in shows, sold some work and generally loved the life of a free-wheeling artist.

I worked for several years as a Graphic Artist where I learned much about how people perceive art. In 1999 I took my love of art, nature, and architecture to heart and became a Landscape Architect. I created fabulous gardens for the rich and famous in places as diverse and far flung as Washington D.C., New Orleans, Key West, the Caribbean, and even the South Pacific. Then I came to South Florida in search of more.

I always knew that humans had much more potential than we could even comprehend and I’d always wondered how individuals evolved. I started studying how consciousness works with the help of a great teacher. This study led me back to expressing myself on canvas again.

I love mythology, religions, science, nature, the breadth of people’s beliefs, telling stories and teaching ideas with images, color, and line.

We are living at an incredible time in history and I believe that we are in the midst of another great evolutionary step for mankind. If we are awake enough to see and embrace this change, we will prosper. I will continue to tell our collective story, explore everything, and push boundaries using any means necessary!

- Adam Ehlmann